Shoe Tree

SRIWATANA Red Cedar Men Shoe Tree Shoe Shaper Stretcher for US Size 7-9 ShoeWhy do you choose SRIWATANA Shoe Tree?Natural Red CedarIt is made of high grade wood red cedar, excellent in moisture conditioning, deodorization, deodorization, insect repellent. It is luxury wood very suitable for shoe keeper.Wood FragranceSRIWATANA shoe tree is made of cedar spread the natural wood fragrance and cover the smell of your shoe.DeodorantCedar wood can absord and reduce the shoe smell more than coverage.Ke


SRIWATANA Shoe Trees For Men1. Do your shoes suffer from any of the following problems?- Annoying odor or smell- Moisture due to sweat, rain or wet weather- Too tight or too small- Deformation or out of shape- Leather creases or cracksSRIWATANA shoe trees provide you the best solution to the above problems! Using them on a regular basis to make your shoes more comfortable, keep looking new and smelling good!2. Smart Designed and Professionally Made Shoe ShaperThe shoe keeper/stretcher features U

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